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Good Girls Go to the Gym – toning workouts for women

If you ever took a spinning class, you probably noticed that although it gives you a great tush,it can make your thighs bigger and bulkier. 

What most gyms fail to tell you before you sign on to the class is that it is basically bodybuilding for your legs. This is just one example of bad advice  and misinformation that is being preached constantly (there are many, many more).
The scientific evidence is clear...

if you train like a man, you will end up looking like one!

So how do you train like a woman?

  • If you've been following mainstream advice, like “build muscle to burn fat” or “lift light for many repetitions to tone”, it’s time to open your eyes.
  • This book will save you from a bulky, manly physique before it’s too late. It will also explain how to slowly correct an unwanted physique (if previous training left you with too much muscle).
  • Learn what to do and what to avoid! Hint, you’re not supposed to sweat when training for tone!
  • Never let “calories”, slowing down your metabolism or getting too much muscle bulk confuse or scare you ever again!
  • Get down and dirty with the biology of your body. We made sure it is the best science has to offer yet it is explained in such simplicity that even a 10 year old can understand. After reading this book, you will probably know more than most personal trainers out there.
  • Become stronger (you can still get men to carry things for you Smile), enhance your feminine curves..and look hotter than ever before!
  • Enjoy food without guilt: “Muscle feeding mode” is one of the best tricks up biology’s sleeve to keep you lean and happy.
  • We are not going to add any muscle size. We will work for a great tight, toned physique that is often seen on the red carpet rather than the gym floor.

This is going to be easy, fun, super quick and the best part is...ready?

You are not going to get tired or sweat much at all!

Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true...
Say hello to the science that will get you a body worthy of a princess.

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The hottest toning workouts for women! Don't end up looking like a men. Easy to read, simple to do and only the best science has to offer!

  • Have you ever heard you need to lift light weight for many reps to “tone” up, just to find yourself with a bulkier physique?
  • Have you ever been re-assured you don’t need to worry about building muscle because you simply don’t have the same level of testosterone men do?
  • Have you ever took spinning classes to find your thighs are getting bigger than you planned?
  • Have you ever took a boxing class to find you gained muscular arms?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it means you have been given all the wrong advice. It’s not that someone is out to get you, it is just the same misleading information we keep hearing everywhere. Mainstream advice is 30 years behind on research, it is high time to stop following it because science is on your side! Studies have officially proven what you already noticed but couldn't put your finger on: If you train like a man, you will end up looking like one! workouts for women
In order to tone up you need to follow specific workouts for women. This doesn't mean light pink weights or specific exercises. It also doesn't mean lifting heavy weights and roaring like a man. What it means is tension, flexibility and control. Your solution is adding muscle tone, which is actually a function of your nervous system and holds great benefits not just in terms of how you look but also in how healthy your body is.
Here’s a question, we all want tight and firm body. We know that if that body fat is too low, we will lose the curves that make us feminine. We know that we don’t want to build more muscles, just make our arms, legs and tummies tight. So how do we get them firm without growing them? How do we keep them looking so good even when we don’t have time to train? Why are there girls out there that have such tight, toned bodies but yet they don’t seem to work very hard and can enjoy life to the full without consequence? It’s not your genetics and it’s a lot easier than you imagine. It is however very different, in every possible way, from the advice you are currently getting. Don’t sweat it, just train smarter!




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