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How to build muscle: Get Big and Get Ripped fast

When you say “build muscle”... what do you mean?

Get down and dirty with the science of muscle biology.
Muscle Tone, Muscle Density and Muscle Mass
are three very different things. This book explains the concepts behind all three (and more) in details and simplicity never seen before!

What if you could:

  • Make yourself and your clients gain as much as 3-5kg of muscle mass in one week, every week?
  • Increase your strength and harden your muscles (not pump them, there’s a difference) before the end of each session?

You can follow the crowd and get average results or you can consider the following:

  • 4 sets of 8 reps or 3 sets of 12 reps? Think again, your body can’t count!
  • Many people believe that in order to display muscle tone & density, you simply have to build muscle size and then cut down on fat to “reveal the muscle”. However... Muscle size, muscle density and muscle tone are three different things and none of them has anything to do with fat!
  • You can build size, you can get ripped, just don’t get ripped off! In a world where supplements are aggressively marketed, we put our trust in scientific research. Learn what really works!
  • The Protein / Mass / Metabolism Conspiracy - Are you obsessing about protein, eating every 2 hours, losing muscle mass and in constant fear of starvation mode? Let’s sort fact from fiction.
  • Build muscle mass so fast that DEA agents will knock on your door to look for steroids.
  • Learn how you can get truly ripped without “pumping”, “bulking” and “cutting”. You can hack into your nervous system and teach your muscles to stay hard to the touch.
  • Master the knowledge behind different types of muscle fibres, your nervous system and how it all relates to Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy vs Myofibrillar hypertrophy. Sounds complicated? This is exactly the reason we have worked so hard to simplify it to a level that even a 10 year old can understand (tried and tested, this 10 years old is now massive Smile).

You can’t afford not to:

This book is an absolute must for personal trainers, strength coaches and anyone serious about their training!
We are proud to present the best, simplest and most up to date guide you can find: We have done all the research, taken all the knowledge and stripped it down to give you the simple version of what you need to know. It does not contain a single exercise but it will show you how to take any exercise and fine tune it to get insane results.
The only question left is... Do you want to look like a fitness model, a swimmer, a bodybuilder?

If you are fine with average results, move on...
But if you want a killer physique, read this book and get insane results!



List of chapters:
1. Undead Myths: Are you a zombie?
2. What Makes a Muscle
3. Muscle Development
4. Other Players
5. Hacking Into Your Nervous System.
6. Sports Nutrition Done Right
7. Big, Ripped or Both?
8. How to Get Big Fast
9. How to Get Ripped Fast
10. But... Will It Blend?
Bonus: Your map to success

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What makes a swimmer different to a fitness model and a bodybuilder different to a boxing champion? They all train differently!how to build muscle

We all tend to think that just by lifting a few weights and doing some cardio we could end up looking amazing. But the truth is clearly pointing out that this is not the case. Just take a look around you and ask yourself how many people do you actually know that do exactly that, year after year, and still look the same. The differences between bodybuilding, strength training and other forms of development are much more than just changing a few sets and reps. These are formulas designed to help you remember the different rules. However, numbers alone won’t get you there - it is the understanding of your biology that allows you to tweak and get the most out of your exercises to achieve:
  • Muscle Tone
  • Muscle Density
  • Muscle Size
You don’t have to become the “hard gainer” skinny guy who can barely get results or the big and impressive bodybuilder who keeps guilt tripping over protein, skipping training days and his last night pizza meal whenever his muscle go soft and his “lean mass” drops without any apparent explanation.
How to get ripped You could embark on your own self discovery journey, with the risk of ending like one of them and probably putting yourself at risk for injuries along the way. Or... you can tap into years of knowledge and get amazing results faster than you ever thought possible. This is not the latest trend in how to build muscle quickly by reinventing the wheel. This book will take the science, as complicated as it gets, and streamline it into an easy to understand and easy to follow approach that relies on more than just sets and reps, but rather on knowledge and understanding of the inner works of the muscle.This book is a complete guide and is based on our titles “how to build muscle” and “how to get ripped” which have been getting an incredible response. Bundled with new research, the new edition takes both titles into the next level and combine them into a solid solution to get you insane results.
Whether you wish to learn how to get big quickly or how to get ripped fast, gain the knowledge of how to take any exercise and tweak it to get the results you want. If you are serious about training, this book is for you. If you are a personal trainer - this book is a must!




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