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How to Get Big Biceps

This book is part of our t-shirt muscles series and is dedicated to help you build impressive arms!

The science: This information is advanced and based on cutting edge research and sports science. It will leave you with more knowledge about your arms and how to build them than the average personal trainer.

The beauty: We have designed it as a short and simple guide, which can be easily read and understood in under 15 minutes. We have spared all the technicalities and focused on the practical aspects so that you can get it now, read it in the next 15-20 minutes and start today.

  • An interactive form in this eBook will spare you the hassle of calculating weights and sets. Follow the instructions and the book will fill in the rest.
  • You can expect to add an inch or more to your Biceps in less than a month. Some of our guinea pigs managed to get their arms bigger by as much as 2 inches in one month following these methods. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a guinea pig to reap the benefits of learning from one!
  • Learn what makes a great arm: Your arms are more than just Biceps. While this book will focus on the Biceps, we will not spare details to get your guns to a full development by stressing deep muscles.

If you have ever been accused of having “chicken wings” or if you are still trying to grow into your t-shirts, prepare to amaze everyone!

This takes work and focus but it can be done in under 10 minutes per workout. Maximum results can be achieved in under 40 minutes a week, that’s less than 3 hours a month!

We will show you the fastest way of creating size and density to create strong and sexy arms, we will also show you a quick way to tone them and make them rock solid to the touch. We’re not talking about getting that temporary pump, which can give you very puffy arms in a short amount of time....we are talking about impressive arms with presence and definition!

*Please note that you will ideally need access to a gym or some basic weight lifting equipment.

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