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How to Lose Arm Fat in 21 Days

A room full of people.

A person calling out numbers.

A shout, “bingo!” and a raising of an arm.


We all know that moment - waving our arm and feeling that it is still moving a few seconds after we’re done.

The world is not against you, there is just a lot of misleading information out there...
The number #1 bad advice: "Lift light weights, many times, to "tone" the muscles".

Did you know that body-builders use the same "pumping" technique to build more muscle and create vascularity?

This instantly creates the illusion of tight arms (as the blood is filling the muscles, making them firm), but as soon as the next day, the effect goes away, leaving you with very little tone and increased muscle size. Great if you're a man. Not so great for us women.

So what do we do? 
Something Different!
  • This is a quick, simple, scientifically based guide to getting beautiful toned arms in 21 days. Easy solution for embarrassing arms!
  • Following the exercises in this guide will only take about 10-15 minutes of your day and the results will come quickly! 
  • Spend less time in gym, get faster, long lasting results that won't go away the next day!
  • There's selection of exercises to choose from, so you can mix and match between the ones you like.
  • You will also notice improvement in functional day-to-day strength (don’t worry, you can still get men to carry things for you!).

We welcome you to a new, better way of training, one that is based on your biology and not just marketing psychology.
Give yourself new feminine and super sleek arms that you can be proud of.
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Lose arm fat in 21 days




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