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The Detox Diet

The Detox Diet - Pollutants in the air, food packaging, water, plastic and what not are making their way into your body.
So unless you live in a remote farm, you need to detox!

To detox means to clean your body of toxins which are slowing you down. Detox can be as simple as changing what you eat,

for 2-3 weeks and following our quick guide, this process has never been easier. When you remove the toxic waste out of your body,

you immediately see a noticeable improvement in:

  • Energy Levels & Weight Loss (especially stubborn fat such as in Cellulitis and Belly Fat)
  • Sex Drive (both men & women), Menstrual Difficulties in women and Erections in men
  • Skin, hair & nail conditions - including skin problems and hair loss.
  • Immune System, Digestion and Stress Levels (including headaches)
  • Addictions (sugar, caffeine... and yes... nicotine and alcohol too)

Flushing the toxins out will restore the balance in your body. This is an easy (and tasty) way to give your body a kick start and get all those benefits with less effort so you can see results faster.
There is so much conflicting advice out there which is why this book was born. This book will show you, step by step, how to create an easy and tasty diet that is packed with benefits for your liver and your entire body.
This book will give you a direct, no-nonsense list of foods you should munch on as well as a general list of what to avoid.  

You will also discover:
  • Why you should not eliminate carbohydrates and fat from your diet
  • How to construct a better, healthier diet, even if it includes alcohol and fast food.

This guide is for those who want  quick, easy and effective solution to get that extra boost from their bodies, and for the price of $1.99, it is a no brainer.

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