So you already know training can make you feel and look great, but did you know regular training and especially strength training, can help women with breast cancer to improve their quality of life? That is not even the whole story. Apparently, training may even prevent breast cancer from appearing in the first place by reducing the risk significantly!
Even if it’s down to a genetic problem in the family, training can still help reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and of breast cancer coming back in those who have been treated.

It is a well known fact that obesity is directly connected to many heart diseased and increasing the risk of experiencing them first hand. However, what most people tend to forget (and sometimes even ignore) is that obesity is also connected to the high risk of getting cancer of any of its many types. A study which took place in Great Britain shows that two thirds of the population which suffers from obesity has no clue about the connection between obesity and cancer.
Among the possible causes of cancer is a diet which is lacking in antioxidants or high levels of estrogen which are connected to excess fat cells in the body. These high levels of estrogen have been previously found as factors for the increased risk for developing cancer cells in the body. High levels of estrogen in overweight and obese women are never a surprise, to say the least.
The risk of breast cancer goes up hand in hand with the weight gain. In fact, for overweight women the risk for breast cancer goes up by 12%, and for radically overweight or obese women the risk is even higher – 25% or even greater. Obesity in women will also increase the risk of cancer of the womb by up to 49%. Add other sedentary lifestyle factors such as bad diet, pollution, lack of sun exposure and so on. It is a no brainer, if we want to be healthier we need to take action!

Training regularly can significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer. This is mainly due to all the hormonal changes that happen in our bodies when we train. These hormonal changes the body undergoes during training can serve as a shield to strengthen the immune system against various types of cancers.
It is vital to recognise that cardio workouts (running, eliptical, cross trainer etc..) are only one type of training and does not cover all your basic needs. To get the full benefits and enjoy a healthy body you would have to combine combine and add to them the strength training routines.
This will also make sure the workout is not boring and is much more engaging. Strength training can be as simple as including a few push-ups and pull-ups, you don’t necessarily need to train like a man to prevent breast cancer. In our book, how to increase breasts size, we cover basic routines that are when done right, can increase not only the size of your breasts but also your life expectancy, This will ensure improvement in health conditions and physical capabilities too.
This is another reason (again, being fit and healthy has more than a few benefits) making training a part of your regular, day to day, lifestyle is highly recommended.