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bite-size information you can take with you

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based on solid science!

No magic pills,

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no "single best exercise".

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stiff neck treatmentStiff Neck Treatment

Whether you slept funny and woke up with a stiff neck or you did a wrong movement, we have gathered a few excellent tips you never heard of before.

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hiccups cureHiccups

A quick fix for annoying hiccups. This little trick works like magic every single time!

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back strengthening exercisesBack Imbalances

Understand all the fuss about muscular imbalances, get a quick resolution to an annoying problem and avoid the risk of future injuries.

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heart rate calculator Heart Rate Calculator

Losing weight (especially when it comes to the belly, thighs and other problematic areas) can be a tedious task. Well, unless you know how to do it right… Calculating your heart rate can allow you to do high intensity type of training which needs to be included to achieve better results.

We are delighted to offer you a FREE heart rate calculator to simplify the process even further.

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Remember, different types of training lead to different results!

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