Impotence, increased female hormone activity and a sense of helplessness against women are some of the symptoms that can occur among obese men. What can you do? Lose weight, feel full of confidence and restore the attractiveness to the relationship.

Obesity enslaves its owner. An obese man can not enjoy his life and intimate relationship with women. Obesity is not only a chronic and difficult to treat disease, it also has the most serious consequences of men’s attractiveness dimension, one that affects their masculinity and relationships with environmental integrity.
Obesity affects work, daily activities become difficult and cause serious emotional consequences of depression, loss of self-confidence and result in a sense of helplessness in general. When it comes to such a state, the overweight man is no longer able to cope with life as normal.
These events are ultimately causing male impotence. In addition, their female hormone activity overpowers the male hormone activity, which tarnishes their masculinity.

First problem: Fat and unattractive
It is a possibility that an overweight man will not be attractive to his wife. However, the problem does not end at this point. A man who finds himself often ashamed of his body and avoiding intimate situations would place his own manhood questioned.
Some of those who lack self confidence, find it difficult to cope with this problem and that way they actually blame themselves and begin to underestimate themselves. These people usually develop increased appetite and gain more weight, which only increases the sense of helplessness and entering an endless cycle of frustration and obesity.

Second problem: fat, odors and fungus
Sometime an obese man have many skin folds with the accumulation of sweat and discharge them, which in turn leads to proliferation of bacteria, fungi that cause odor and infections of the skin in areas under their arms, thighs and genitals. These of course repel the woman away from him, and thus reduce the sex drive of the obese man and the condition deteriorates further.

Obesity is a serious and complex disease and overweight people fall into its trap. Usually only when they complain about high blood pressure, worsening of diabetes, fatty liver, infertility, impotence or other sexual pathological changes, and only after deterioration in health status they will actually go to the doctor and ask for help. Sometimes this stage is already too late. It is vital to precede a visit to the doctor before the health situation reaches the point of no return, and make a dramatic change in lifestyle and escape the cycle of obesity.

Weight loss makes a significant improvement in both sexual and social function and which make the man’s self-confidence return or get rebuilt. Weight loss leads to improvement of the physical and mental health and ability to enjoy everyday life, and is the only way out of the downwards spiral of obesity and the feeling of helplessness.