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How to Lose Belly Fat

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So many people want and wish to get rid of the belly; some even try to do something about it, so how come so many people still have belly fat? Everyone struggles with the belly, fat and thin people alike. If you walk into the changing room at your local gym and look around you you will see that running, cutting carbs, counting calories etc... it just doesn't cut it. The belly just won’t seem to disappear and for so many people this is such a big and frustrating mystery, that they actually don’t believe it’s possible to lose belly fat directly!

What most people do not know, is that losing weight and losing the belly are two different things! The fat around the stomach (the “beer belly” and “love handles” included as well) is biologically different to the rest of the fat we carry. Therefore, it must be treated differently. Belly fat is stubborn fat, it's biologically resistant to traditional fat burning methods:

  • It is trapped between layers of fat and suffers from restricted blood flow. This also means it doesn’t get enough oxygen to oxidize the fat as there is not enough blood flow to carry it.
  • It is hypersensitive to Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen (yes men, you are included), all of which are fat storage promoting hormones.
  • It is barely responsive to adrenaline, which is a fat breaking hormone.

If you ever wondered how to get a flat stomach, then by now you should know that running the weight off alone won’t do here and you can forget about crunches. The problem is that most people (including the person next to you in the gym as well as many fitness professionals) follow mainstream advice which is misleading. How many times have you seen articles about fat burning foods or a weekly new supply of magic exercises to lose belly fat? These do not exists, losing the belly is not a magical combination of special foods and exercises. Losing the belly is strictly a biological process and while it can seem like a big deal, once you have the know how and the understanding of how to tackle it, it is no longer a big deal. You can guess your way to a flat stomach and experience the frustration involved or you can get on the winning horse. You will not hear a single word about “calories”, the best food or the best exercise. You will be given all the tools you missed in the quest of losing your stomach. If you have been putting your trust, money and sweat in methods that deliver little to no results, then trust us when we say, you need to read this book. Not only “How to Lose Belly Fat” is priced just under 2 cups of coffee which you can easily afford, truth is, you can’t afford not to!

We are proud to present one of the most forward thinking books on the subject. A book that goes beyond traditional methods to target the most stubborn areas of them all! This eBook provides advanced science in simple steps, easy to read and follow. As you get rid of stomach fat you will reduce a major risk factor and see significant health improvements such as:

  • reduced visceral fat and the risk of heart attacks
  • preventing and reversing diabetes
  • lowering your blood pressure
  • getting less headaches
  • resolving digestion related problems and many more.

Losing the belly has more to it than just good looks, so you can be lighter at heart as well as on the scale. It is not complicated science, it is simple biology. It’s time to stop blaming genetics and worrying about calories. Enjoy your life, spend less time in the gym and see results faster, this will be addictive. No magic pills, crunches or calories involved. Only good science made simple.




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