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How to Lose Weight Fast

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Many people who try to lose weight fast buy into cheap weight loss pills which have little to no proof of effectiveness. They fall into mainstream traps of misleading advice, such as:

  • The top 5 foods / exercises for weight loss - as you can read in every magazine out there. How many people do you know that actually lost weight that way? (our point exactly...)
  • “Build muscle to burn fat”... if you ever succeeded in building a lot of muscle, you will be surprised to know how little extra calories it burns.

  • Calories in calories out - so many people rely on calories. How much they put in verses how much calories the machine “told” them they are burning. A good question for those people is... “have you counted how many calories just went down the toilet?” (excuse our french).

  • Afterburn Effect (EPOC) - many of the modern weight loss programs rely on this phenomenon to deliver results. However, the “scientific base” is overrated and rather than speeding your metabolism for 48 hours or so... you can expect to burn 50-100 extra calories based on the research. Our method will give you better results.

  • Eating more frequently to keep your metabolism going - this is very common advice and it is very misleading. We are not meant to be fed all the time and the simple truth is that eating (regardless of quantities) will always raise your potential to store fat through more hours during the day.

Traditional methods are not effective at all, just take a look around you - mainstream society is obese! This is really a shame because there is a natural way to lose weight quickly, where you don’t have to go on a cabbage soup diet or resort to eating dust if you want to get rid of excess weight. When asking how to lose weight fast, Neatbodies has compiled the perfect solution in the format of an ebook, so that you can achieve better results than anyone around you. Why follow the crowd, when you can stay ahead of it? You can lose weight fast without pills, long cardio exercise or counting a single calorie ever again. In our guide we will show you how to shed those extra pounds and make sure that you are losing fat, not just water weight. This means your efforts will go a long way as the weight won’t bounce back after a week. In other words, you will avoid yo-yo results.

Obese and overweight people usually go to seek help from their physician only when they start to complain about high blood pressure, worsening of diabetes, fatty liver, infertility, impotence or other sexual pathological changes, and only after deterioration in health status. Sometimes this stage is already too late. It is vital to take action before the health situation reaches the point of no return, and make a dramatic change in lifestyle and escape the cycle of obesity. Lowering your weightis not just about looks and confidence, it is actually extremely beneficial to your health in so many aspects:

  • Weight loss leads to improvement of the physical and mental health and ability to enjoy everyday life as well as significant improvement in both sexual and social function, and is the only way out of the downwards spiral of obesity and the feeling of helplessness.
  • It’s not just a solution and a way to reverse and improve health problems, it is also a preventative measure!
  • There is a direct link between health and beauty. Not only a leaner body is considered more attractive, but it is also more healthy. As the biological factors that determine what is attractive have proven more than once to have a health factor in hidden sight, it all points us in the direction of self improvement. Evolution is on our side!
  • If you had enough of “magical” combinations of best food and best exercise to burn fat, please consider that weight loss is not a magical sequence, it is a biological one and made of the following metabolic reactions:
  1. Creating the right metabolic environment within your body
  2. Spiking the sensitivity of muscle insulin
  3. Depleting glycogen stores
  4. Breaking down fat
  5. Burning the broken fat

So there you have it. Want to lose weight? Don’t sweat it - do it the smart way.




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