Cellulite is a common condition of the accumulation of fat cells under the skin, a phenomenon which makes the skin look like an orange peel in mild cases, and appearance of cottage cheese in more severe cases.

Among the most common aesthetic problems which women are constantly concerned about, is the problem of cellulite. Cellulite looks like bumps on the body that create a look which isn’t very flattering.
Cellulite is not exclusive to just one target group. It is rather a phenomenon that affects both men and women (although it occurs much less in men), the overweight and the lean people alike. Cellulite is a phenomenon which is more common in adults, however we can also see young men and women who suffer from cellulite.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite are local fat deposits which are stored at certain points just under the skin.
Cellulite usually appears in areas of the body such as hips, thighs and buttocks.
Because of the proximity of the fat stores to the surface of the skin, creating the appearance of cellulite which is not an aesthetic appearance.

How do we get cellulite?
We all, lean and obese alike, have adipose tissue has under the skin of the body.
Collagen fibers are connecting the adipose tissue to the skin.
When these collagen fibers break or stretch, the adipose tissue accumulates unevenly in a kind of lumpy fat.
These bumps form the non-uniform appearance and non-aesthetic look of the skin.
What is the cause which makes these collagen fibers break down and stretch still remains an unanswered question as it is still unclear.
Researchers believe the genetic load we carry is one of the most influential factors on risk of cellulite.
However, environmental factors also have an impact on the appearance of cellulite, going on frequent diets, fast diets, the effect of yo yo diets, slow metabolism, hormonal changes and lack of fluids. These are all environmental factors which influence the appearance of cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite?
Many people invest a lot of money trying to get rid of cellulite (market of different treatment means for cellulite in the U.S. is estimated at $ 47 million, as of 2008) through solutions such as special massages, vibrating belts, various creams, supplements and various surgeries.
However, none of these solutions has been shown to be effective in completely eliminating cellulite in people who suffer from it.
Most studies on cellulite showed improvement of 25% to 50% through a combination of different treatments, while other subjects showed an even lower rate of improvement.
Also, the effect of these treatments is of fleeting impact and there is a need for additional treatments in order to maintain the effect.

Liposuction for cellulite
Liposuction procedure is not recommended in the case of cellulite because it may worsen the situation and make the cellulite look even worse.
Liposuction can make a “hole” where there is an unwanted fat deposit. This hole also creates an uneven appearance and unappealing of the skin.

Creams to treat cellulite
Anti cellulite creams work in a way that they cause skin irritation and swelling, the swelling causes camouflage for cellulite, but this is a temporary cosmetic solution and there is a need to use these creams on a regular basis to maintain the illusion. Not recommended nor proven.

Devices and infrared laser treatment of cellulite
There are also vibrating devices that perform massage and light rays or infrared laser to strengthen the circulation, but also these devices do not help get rid of cellulite for good.
Massages are performed using instruments, which like the creams, can cause local swelling which temporarily masks cellulite. The problem is no one tells you this, so you think the treatment works until the swelling reduces and you think you need to book another appointment and put money into the pockets of those who are fooling you.

Diet and exercise
Diet can reduce fat deposits in the body.
Reduction of fat deposits in the body can ultimately affect on the cellulite deposits in some areas.
A research which examined the effect of weight loss on the severity of the condition of cellulite, showed that in most cases examined, the effect was weight loss had a positive effect on the severity of cellulite.
The most positive results were observed in women who managed to lose significant weight and reduce fat in the hips, those that have high initial overweight (high BMI) and suffered from a high level of severity of cellulite.
It is important to remember Cellulite are just under the skin and above the muscle
Strength training can help to tone and create a more solid appearance. However, if you combine strength training and aerobic training into your workout that can really help reduce body fat and thus help in some cases to reduce the severity of the problem of cellulite.

Tips to Prevent Cellulite
If you do not have cellulite yet, you can take preventive measures to help reduce the risk of having cellulite in the future.
Maintain a proper diet that includes a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber.
Maintaining the balance of fluids preferably by drinking enough water.
Physical activity to maintain high muscle tone and a low fat percentage.
Cleaning toxins from the body.
Don’t fall into the trap of yo yo diets, maintain a healthy and and constant weight.
Avoid smoking! Smoking damages the skin and speeds up the aging process of body cells which you are made of.