It goes by many names and although some people don’t know any of them, everybody knows what the Adonis belt looks like: It is the finishing touch, that frames your abs with eye grabbing attention. Sexy, sculptured and impossible to ignore, it’s no wonder that everyone on the red carpet has it. Guys want it and girls go crazy for it. Can you blame them? Of course not!

What most people don’t know is that the V shaped abs are not only far from impossible, they are actually really easy to achieve. They also don’t know what to do in order to get it, and so they are trying to get a sexy figure by working for hypertrophic gains instead of tone. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that some of them end up with something else instead: A wide, bulging midsection and an asymmetrical look of something growing under their skin, which ruins the overall otherwise great look of their abs.

Did you know? We, human beings, measure beauty by symmetry… so it is absolutely essential to take care of that! If you or anyone you know ended up like this, fear not! You can improve the look of the framing of your abs. All you need to do is stop what you have been doing, and learn the right way to train in order to get the result that you want and end up with a great looking adonis belt that wouldn’t shame a Hollywood star or a Greek God!

The V-cut is created mainly by two muscles that are part of the core multi structure. As such, by working to get a clean adonis belt, your core will become noticeably stronger and so will you!
Not only that, you will also be doing your spine a favor and become much more bulletproof to unnecessary injuries which can be avoided by using the right techniques.
adonis beltIt is vital to understand that different types of training leads to completely different result. While we tend to simplify things by thinking “I will run and lift some weights and I will end up looking amazing”, our body is in fact far more complex and layered than that. Just as a quick example, you can train for endurance, you can train for power, for hypertrophy or for strength. Each of these on its own, and with various combinations, will result in different training regime and a different final look.

To get a sexy and clean V cut, one that will still show even if you put a little bit of weight on,
you don’t have to train very hard or for very long! You will not even get tired because you are not going to be working to increase size so you will not need to reach failure nor fatigue. If anything, you will be left with more energy. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you have science to thank for that and us to applying it and simplifying it for you. Getting to know how your body works is always going to give you a serious advantage!
If you do it right, you can get that highly desired adonis belt within a month and become the subject for staring eyes and unstoppable attention. Check out our book on V Cut Abs and start showing off.